Adjustable performance with
modular COMET units
up to 500 watts.


40 watts of cooling power

Modular and scalable –
Easy integration for
various products.

COMET is a powerful cooling element for natural convection applications.

COMET combines good performance and lightness that enable compact and powerful electronic products.

COMET modules are made of 100% aluminum providing the best reliability even in the harshest environments, outdoor and indoor.

Thermal resistance of COMET is from 2.0 K/W down to 0.2 K/W.

COMET modules can be used to.
to multiply the system’s cooling power.

The total dissipated
thermal power
can be up to
hundreds of watts or even kilowatts.

COMET module provides
a new,
higher power level
for free convection applications.

COMET product packages.

COMET heat sink modules are sold in separate units. Scale the cooling performance by adding COMET modules. One COMET module cools 40 watts.

If you want  to get hands-on practical experience of our NEOcore technology, you can begin with our evaluation kits. Our Cool-It-Yourself kits are designed for multi-purpose use and allow you to do independent testing.
An evaluation kit includes 6 or 12 COMET thermal modules and a base plate that can be attached to electronic components. 
After evaluating your application with our Evaluation Kit, it is recommended to analyse the results together with us. Then, you can decide whether to continue with our standard OEM units or to design a customized cooling solution for maximal cooling performance.

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Product information

LED Lighting



NEOcore thermal channel – Extreme heat conductivity and performance

Lightweight – 50% weight reduction compared to aluminum heat sinks

No tooling costs – Start with our ready-to-go evaluation kits and build your luminaire concept in a day.

Easy to design – Product design based on modular COMET modules is easy

Transfer your prototypes instantly to scalable production with our standardized and cost-efficient cooling modules.

Watch the video to see how easily you can develop your own product around the COMET cooling solution.

Interested in learning more about the COMET?

Familiarize yourself with the help of a COMET product sheet.

Read the product brochure

What are the specifications behind the COMET series?

We compiled the technical specifications and measurements of the COMET for you.

Download the Data Sheet