CooliBlade invests in productization of powerful cooling elements

CooliBlade invests 500’000 € in development project for bringing the first NEOcore products to large scale production level. Traditionally, the thermal management solutions for power electronics have been based on aluminum heat sinks, heat pipe systems or liquid cooling. CooliBlade has developed unique modular thermal channel technology which offers several advantages compared to those traditional solutions. The first NEOcore product family, COMET series, was launched this spring. COMET products are optimal for natural convection applications and this investment will secure the productization and production ramp-up of the COMET products. The project funding also supports CooliBlade R&D plans to bring revolutionary forced convection solutions to the market later this year.

CooliBlade secured R&D and productization funding for the project from Business Finland in April. The major outcome of the project will be the first commercial product utilizing CooliBlade’s NEOcore integrated Thermal Channel structure and the capability to scale-up the production capability with semi-automatic production cells. One important step is also developing the traceability and quality inspection procedures and to integrate them as a crucial part of production quality management system.

Production ramp-up will take place this year

COMET series were officially presented to the industrial audience at the PCIM trade show in Nuremberg in May 2022. NEOcore technology is the first fully aluminum integrated phase change structure which minimizes all the thermal interfaces in the cooling element. Outstanding thermal conductivity in the NEOcore structure involves precise manufacturing process, quality management and component traceability.

The investment allows CooliBlade achieve capability to manufacture hundreds of thousands of units annually at one production line. The production capacity will be reached already this year in Q3-2022.

“This project offers us great chance to further develop our NEOcore platforms and achieve the attractive price point by achieving the high throughput and yield also in large production volumes. This, of course, has a big impact to the price point of our solutions. This development project is huge investment for us and we are grateful that this funding allows us to move really quickly from product launch to mass-production with our innovative Integrated Thermal Channel structure”, says Kimmo Jokelainen, CTO of CooliBlade.

The production ramp-up will be done together with experienced production line and traceability solution providers, like Mectalent and Cajo Technologies. These partners bring their deep and long expertise of precise manufacturing line development.

New products under development

A part of the investment is also to develop new versions from the NEOcore technology platform. CooliBlade is already investigating business opportunities in so called forced convection applications. The first research prototypes are under development and the pilot project deliveries are in the pipeline. CooliBlade is planning to launch the first products offerings to these emerging markets in Q3-22. This substantial investment of CooliBlade also supports development of these new concepts. The main markets targeted by the forced convection solutions are AC drives, power inverters, EV charging, just to name a few.


More information:
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