CooliBlade Launches COMET – The Most Advanced Cooling Technology for High-Power Electronics

CooliBlade, a Finland based thermal management company, has developed a novel solution for high-performance cooling of power electronics. CooliBlade launches COMET series – Based on the CooliBlade proprietary thermal channel technology. As the power density of electronic products is increasing significantly, CooliBlade facilitates more efficient and compact sized power electronics designs. That means next level cooling performance even for the most demanding applications.

The new patent pending NEOcore technology is based on integrated phase change material. The COMET products offer superior, even 10 times better, thermal conductivity than traditional heat-pipe-based solutions. COMET series enable excellent performance for high power density solutions, such as IGBT modules used in AC drives, power semiconductors in 5G base stations and LED modules used in high power luminaires. The COMET thermal channel modules can be mass-produced cost-efficiently, and they can be also easily customized to meet any customer specific needs.

“We are excited to introduce the CooliBlade COMET series, the next generation in power electronics cooling.  After decades with only a few incremental advancements in cooling products, we see COMET series setting a new standard for thermal management solutions in efficiency and design freedom, in a compact, lightweight, and robust form factor.” said Kimmo Jokelainen, Chief Technology Officer, CooliBlade. “We have created a new category of thermal management solutions – that combines excellent performance and cost-efficiency – beyond the existing heat sinks, heat pipes and liquid cooling.”

Explore the possibilities of the next generation thermal management and download the product brochure from the link below.

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