CooliBlade E-mobility Cooling Solutions

E-mobility is an industry consisting of all electrical vehicles from e-scooters to heavy trucks. The market is growing rapidly yet it remains unsatured. There are several drivers for this market growth: evolving technology, new regulations based on emission targets and changes in consumer behaviour.

Batteries and charging stations get new versions and generations annually. The ever-evolving battery capacities require increasingly quick and powerful chargers. Therefore, both vehicles and charging stations need efficient cooling and the weight of cooling units also matters.

NEOcore – a new way to cool charging stations

EV charging stations with fast charging capabilities need reliable and efficient cooling solutions for their heat producing power electronics components. CooliBlade’s NEOcore technology provides the optimal weight-power ratio for passive cooling. This facilitates more effective power electronics design: satisfying the rapidly growing market. 

Our NEOcore-based products offer ten times more efficient cooling than heat pipes and are up to 1 000 times more efficient than aluminum heat sinks on the market. This facilitates cost-efficient manufacturing of your product with longer lasting components inside the product. NEOcore technology provides extremely efficient heat dissipation in devices: offering up to 4 times longer lifespan to high-power electronics products. CooliBlade products are also up to 65 % lighter than the traditional heat sinks and heat pipes: providing more freedom of design for our customers.

At CooliBlade, we are an innovative and solution-driven team that helps you to design your products with maximal efficiency. We can also mass-tailor the CooliBlade cooling solutions to fit your existing products seamlessly.

Higher performance

Faster charging due to efficient charging system cooling – especially in hot temperatures.

Less weight

65 % lighter cooling solution with up to 1 000 times better thermal conductivity than traditional heatsinks.

Extended lifetime

Up to 400 % longer lifetime for EV chargers due to lower thermal stress