E-mobility Applications

E-mobility is an industry consisting of all electrical vehicles, from e-scooters to heavy trucks. The market is growing rapidly , yet it remains unsaturated. There are several drivers for this market growth: evolving technology, new regulations based on emission targets, and changes in consumer behavior.

Batteries and charging stations get new versions and generations annually. The ever-evolving battery capacities require increasingly quick and powerful chargers. Therefore, both vehicles and charging stations need efficient cooling, and the cooling units’ weight also matters.

The challenge

The continuous challenge with a growing number of electric vehicles is the charging station networks. A regular 22kW AC charger gives enough power for a 200-kilometer drive in 120 minutes, whereas a 150 kW DC charging station does the same in only 16 minutes. This leads to greater demand for fast charging stations.

The demand for battery thermal management systems (BTMS) has multiplied during the last few years as ultra-fast chargers can have over 350 kW of power with voltage levels between 400 V and 1 000 V. A well-designed thermal management solution will make the charging systems more reliable and thus reduce the need for maintenance.

NEOcore technology enables lighter, more reliable, and higher-performance solutions in e-mobility applications. 

CooliBlade has developed a next-generation thermal management technology, NEOcore, that offers exceptional thermal conductivity performance in a lightweight package. They enable reaching higher power levels and increased power densities even in high ambient temperatures. The power modules can be made compact and lightweight for easy transport, installation, and maintenance. That is an important benefit, especially in space constrained environments, like city centers and underground parking halls. 

It is usually thought that fast charging stations need liquid cooling to efficiently dissipate the heat. However, there are some reliability and cost issues with liquid cooling systems.  A well-designed cooling solution is crucial from a product reliability and cost point of view. Air cooling solution has way fewer reliability issues when compared to liquid cooling. Whereas current liquid cooling solutions require high performance from thermal interface materials, a NEOcore based custom air cooling solution can help eliminate the need for thermal interface material (TIM) and other reliability issues. CooliBlade’s current cooling solutions technology enables cooling solutions up to 20 kilowatts. 


Benefits for EV charging application designers

CooliBlade offers custom solutions for demanding EV charging products, and the easiest way to start is to share the specifications of thermal management solutions with our experts. Our R&D team reviews the specifications and gives a free feasibility evaluation of the application’s technical requirements that NEOcore technology can meet. The smooth, transparent, and fast development cycle starts with prototype design.  

When the prototype has passed comprehensive tests, the production unit development and production ramp-up are easy to complete quickly and professionally. Check out our development process and evaluation tool from the following link. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information about NEOcore technology and how it could be used in EV charging applications. 


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