NEOcore Industrial Applications

Power electronics technology is used in electronics to control and convert/conserve electric power. Therefore, power electronics technology can be found across multiple types of industries in devices such as inverters, converters, and rectifiers.

An AC drive or variable-frequency drive (VFD) is a type of motor that is used in high power electronic devices. The heart of a VFD is an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module. IGBTs are suitable for high-voltage, high-current applications. The current trends such as highly integrated components, increasing voltage and current capability, and miniaturization lead to challenges: higher power loss and higher heat dissipation density.

Currently, the power levels of IGBTs are excessive for the capabilities of traditional heatsink solutions. Traditional thermal solutions such as heat sinks and heat pipes are not capable of providing enough cooling power, and therefore the performance of the VFDs suffer greatly due to high heat flux and varying environments. The alternative option is liquid cooling which increases the complexity of design as well as the price of cooling components.

NEOcore – a new way to cool high-power electronics

The new NEOcore technology of CooliBlade offers an innovative way to cool IGBTs. Products using NEOcore technology offer ten times more efficient cooling than current heat pipes on the market, and with superior heat dissipation. The result for you is cost-efficient manufacturing of your product with longer lasting components inside the product.

At CooliBlade, we are an innovative and solution-driven team that helps you to design your products with maximum efficiency. We can also mass-tailor the CooliBlade cooling solutions to fit your existing products seamlessly.

The solutions utilizing CooliBlade NEOcore technology make cooling of VDFs and IGBTs simpler and more cost-efficient. NEOcore technology enables extremely efficient heat dissipation in devices: offering up to 4 times longer lifespan for high-power electronics products. CooliBlade products are also up to 65 % lighter than traditional heat sinks and heat pipes: providing more freedom of design for our customers.

Ultimate heat dissipation

NEOcore enables the optimal thermal dissipation from hot object to metal and air

Higher power with extended lifetime

Reduced thermal stress on IGBT module leads the longer lifespan even with much higher power levels


NEOcore technology allows significant cost savings with great performance