Martti Pentikäinen and Severi Halonen started at CooliBlade

Two new employees started at R&D and production teams at CooliBlade. Martti Pentikäinen strengthens the design know-how of CooliBlade and has already worked with the NEOcore technology when it has been originally under development at VTT, Technical Research Center of Finland. Severi Halonen brings his experience to production ramp-up and logistics chain management. Severi has a versatile education and experience in producing and testing electronic devices in his working history.

Martti is inspired by designing new products.

Martti graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in the spring of 2021 and is planning to graduate with a master’s this year. He works at CooliBlade besides his studies as a Junior Design Engineer. He has been at the core of CooliBlade’s product development since 2020 and has seen the design arch of multiple development versions from desktop to simulation, prototypes, and testing.

Martti has studied and used diverse design and simulation software and developed thermal simulation know-how with FEM software. He has been responsible for implementing a fully automatized cloud-based system for measuring temperature and authenticating the reliability of cooling of electrical devices. The diverse job description includes product design, assembly of products and prototypes, and planning, execution, and performance measurement reporting.

“I especially like the positive team spirit at CooliBlade, which originates from the whole team driving towards common goals. We have a communicative atmosphere where success and failures are shared with others, making the workdays a rollercoaster of emotions now and then. I enjoy seeing the results of my work as a part of the whole team’s success. I have had the opportunity to work on diverse tasks. I have a lot of responsibility which, together with competent colleagues, have enabled rapid development of my skills.” comments Martti about his first experiences about his work at CooliBlade.

Severi utilizes his education and experience in the startup of CooliBlade’s production.

Severi Halonen graduated from Vaasan ammattiopisto, Vamia, in 2020. He completed a dual degree in electrical engineering and automation technology. In Vaasa, Severi worked as a mechanic in VEO Oy and mechanics assembler at The Switch Drive Systems. He worked in producing electrical and mechanical devices and assembling wind power generators. Severi has taken over the development of the production line and installation of Production equipment at CooliBlade. In addition to production work, he has taken part in designing the next product generations, product testing, and value-added customized product variants for customers. Severi actively develops logistics, ERP system, and quality control of the company.

“CooliBlade is a dream as a workplace. When you have jumped on the bandwagon of a startup like this, you can influence the company’s development. You can also think and affect what you do each day at work. The work community at CooliBlade is innovative and open-minded, which I appreciate highly. I expect CooliBlade to succeed in the thermal management industry. At the same time, I want to build myself a career path in the company all the to the leadership positions, as a production manager for instance.”, tells Severi of his first thoughts about CooliBlade.

COMET products bring the thermal management solutions of high-power electronics to the next level

CooliBlade released a new product series – COMET. COMET products are robust cooling solutions for power electronics that enable cooling power of over 400 W packed in a compact product. COMET’s most significant selling point is its performance, lightness, and modular structure. You can quickly test COMET products with the Evaluation Kit that enables you to build your own cooling setup with a Cool-It-Yourself principle. Martti and Severi have been actively developing the product series, and they have had a significant role in customer customization, simulation, and production ramp-up.

We warmly welcome Martti and Severi to CooliBlade!