CooliBlade NOVA

Our forced convection flagship
product for extreme power levels


CooliBlade NOVA is a forced convection cooling solution. Its modular structure gives design freedom for product development and adjusts NOVA’s performance.

Power levels

Up to 2 kW / unit. 

Thermal resistance

0,025 °C/W

Use case

Power modules


Powerful cooling up to kilowatts
Easy mounting with a customized baseplate
Integrated evaporator, thermal channel and condenser
Low prototype investment


Industrial control, AC drives, IGBT, renewable energy, power inverters/converters

Product Options

Evaluation Design

The easiest way to evaluate the NOVA performance is to check our evaluation designs. You can select from our standard module mountings or send your own lay-out  for mounting drillings.

OEM Heat Sink Development

A custom design for heat sink is usually necessary when cooling high-power electronics. Through rapid prototyping, we build a prototype for your product design and transfer it into OEM Heat Sink production quickly.

NOVA Benefits

Extreme Efficiency

Power levels up to several kilowatts/module can be achieved. The structure of the NEOcore evaporator and the optimized fin structure together guarantee optimal efficiency for most industrial power electronics applications.

Easy integration

Fast development cycle without no significant tooling costs makes this platform as a good choice for new power applications. NOVA dimensions are easy to adjust based on customer’s specifications. Vertical and horizontal installations possible.


100% integrated aluminum structure gives extreme reliability and maintenance-free platform for harsh environments. Fully integrated aluminum structure has no intrinsic breaking mechanisms.

100% recyclable

NOVA is 100% aluminum made heat sink. It is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly choice. The extreme performance expands the life-time of power components and modules which supports principle of sustainability.


CooliBlade NOVA is efficient cooling technology for high power electronics modules, such like IGBTs. IGBT modules (Insulated-gate bipolar transistor) are typically used e.g., in AC drives and EV mobility charging stations. IGBT modules are one of the most demanding components for thermal management. NEOcore technology enables the lowest thermal resistance from the IGBT to ambient.



Interested in NOVA?

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What are the specifications behind the NOVA series?

We compiled the technical specifications and measurements of the NOVA for you.

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