Press release: CooliBlade releases its revolutionary thermal management solutions, the COMET series, at PCIM Europe 2022

Press release
For immediate release
May 11th, 2022

CooliBlade has developed a revolutionary COMET product series for high-power electronics cooling. The product utilizes CooliBlade’s proprietary NEOcore technology with an integrated thermal channel structure. COMET will be introduced to the audience at the PCIM Europe 2022 in Nurnberg on May 10th – 12th.

High-performance cooling for high power electronics

The COMET series is based on CooliBlade’s proprietary NEOcore technology, which features an integrated thermal channel structure with ultimate thermal conductivity and a phase change working principle. It offers up to 500 watts of cooling power at thermal resistivity of 0.21 ℃/W in passive cooling applications with natural convection. COMET is a cost-efficient solution when it doesn’t require any significant development or starting costs by the customer. The cooling solutions can be easily tailored by using modular COMET cooling elements.

COMET products combine the performance comparable to the state-of-the-art heat pipe solutions with flexibility, modularity, and freedom of design for industrial mechanical designers. COMET products can easily adapt to different configurations based on customers’ specific cooling needs and required power levels. The sleek and compact form factor enables the creation of smaller and lighter products. Compared to standard aluminum heat sinks in natural convection cooling applications, COMET thermal channels provide a 50% or more reduction in weight and size.

“Our goal is to create a high-performance cooling solution for power electronics in a compact and cost-efficient form that can be easily adapted to different industrial cooling applications. We are proud to introduce the COMET series, a revolutionary and unique product offering in the thermal management market. Our new Thermal Channel technology challenges the existing solutions in the performance, cost, and weight”, says Vesa Pentikäinen, CEO and co-founder of CooliBlade.

Wide variety of passive cooling applications

COMET products can be customized for a variety of applications and industries. CooliBlade assists customers in designing optimized and cost-effective thermal management for their products. COB LED lighting, 5G telecommunications, IGBT cooling, renewable energy power converters, and electric vehicle charging stations are the primary applications for the COMET series.

“We have carried out pilot tests for selected reference applications, and the feedback from the customers has been positive and encouraging. We are convinced that COMET products offer the best performance-to-weight ratio in the power electronics cooling market”, says Pentikäinen.

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