CooliBlade NEOcore technology

Thermal management is a critical design phase for electronic devices. Effective thermal management extends the life-time of power electronic products and facilitates maximal power output from the product.

Challenges for thermal management of electronic products arise constantly. The size of devices are decreasing whereas the power output and performance are increasing. This creates a product development dilemma that only superior thermal management solutions can answer.

CooliBlade has developed a next generation thermal management technology NEOcore that offers exceptional thermal conductivity performance in a light weight package. NEOcore’s thermal conductivity can reach up to 200’000 W/mK which is approximately 1 000 times better than in aluminum. 

CooliBlade’s NEOcore thermal channels are based on the two-phase cooling principle. CooliBlade’s thermal channels are able to offer 10 times better thermal conductivity than the traditional heat pipes. CooliBlade systems are wickless which means that the cooling performance is instant and extremely efficient. NEOcore thermal channel modules can be mass-produced which facilitates cost-efficient performance for the most demanding high power applications.

Start examining the possibilities of NEOcore with our ready-to-go Evaluation Kits, or request a quote for a tailored reference unit.


Maximize your product performance

Increase product life-time and get the maximum performance out of your design.

Attractive price point

Scalable mass production facilitates competitive pricing for your own OEM solutions.


Easy integration

Tailored thermal management solutions and applicable for most high power electronics products.


Interested on learning more about the NEOcore technology and next generation of thermal management?

Download our CCO Janne Suhonen’s presentation on international energy summit Vaasa Energy Week!

    CooliBlade offers extremely efficient cooling solution for high power electronics.

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