CooliBlade 5G Telecommunications Applications

5G is the fifth and latest commercialized generation for broadband cellular networks. The main drivers in 5G telecommunication are more efficient connectivity by offering higher data speeds, ultra-low latency and massive network capacity.

Thermal management is an essential part of 5G technology and base stations product design, especially for the reliability of 5G networks. Massive MIMO antennas of 5G base stations require very efficient thermal management. Standard aluminum heatsinks can’t dissipate heat sufficiently. The heatsink is typically the heaviest component of the base station which results in new and alternative solutions being needed.

NEOcore technology allows you to build 5G base stations that weigh less, are more reliable and cost-efficient.

The new NEOcore technology of CooliBlade offers an innovative way to cool 5G base stations and massive MIMO antennas. Products using NEOcore technology offer ten times more efficient cooling than current heat pipes on the market with superior heat dissipation. This facilitates cost-efficient manufacturing of your product with longer lasting components inside the product.

One of the biggest challenges in designing 5G base stations and antennas is the weight. Currently, most of the weight and space requirements in base stations pertain to the cooling element of the electronic. With NEOcore technology, the weight of cooling units for 5G radio can be reduced by 60-70 percent.

Lighter and smaller base stations means easier installation of the base station’s antenna mast system: the installation requires less workforce. Additionally, the weight and wind burden of the massive MIMO antennas on the mast’s metal structures is considerably smaller.

At CooliBlade, we are an innovative and solution-driven team that helps you to design your products with maximal efficiency. We can also mass-tailor the CooliBlade cooling solutions to fit your existing products seamlessly.

The solutions utilizing CooliBlade NEOcore technology make cooling of 5G technology simpler and more cost-efficient. NEOcore technology enable extremely efficient heat dissipation in devices: offering up to 4 times longer lifespan to 5G products. CooliBlade products are also up to 65 % lighter than traditional heat sinks and heat pipe: providing more freedom of design for our customers.

Less weight

Approximately 60-70 % lighter base stations

More performance in smaller space

A lighter and simpler way of cooling enables the design of higher powered yet smaller devices


Same cooling effect with fraction of the cost compared to liquid cooling