CooliBlade – Extremely efficient cooling solution for high power electronics.
Applicable to a large variety of product segments, where heat limits the performance.

Vesa Pentikäinen

Kimmo Jokelainen

Janne Suhonen

CCO, M.Sc Electronics, eMBA

Experienced business development, sales and marketing professional with a proven track record of managing skills in growth-driven organisations. Sales and business development expertise in a high-tech start-up company. Expertise in productization of high-tech products, developing sales concepts and distribution channels.

CTO, M.Sc (Tech.)

Visionary with technology start-up experience, deep understanding of thermal management, hands on background on developing and ramping up new manufacturing processes, wizard of rapid product design and commercialization.

CEO, M.Sc (Tech.) Electronics

Strong industry & research background, business development, IP & market analysis. Expertise in developing product concepts, novel materials and manufacturing technologies. Special interest in cross-disciplinary topics: structural electronics, IoT and industrial design.

Janne Suhonen

CooliBlade venture is part of VTT LaunchPad Deep- Tech Incubator