CooliBlade – Thermal Channel Technologies Oy

Electrification and high-power electronics require advanced thermal management solutions. CooliBlade is a next-generation thermal management solution provider for high-power electronics. CooliBlade’s NEOcore technology is the first integrated thermal channel and it’s suitable for the electronics from hundreds of watts up (e.g. LED Lighting) to several kilowatts (e.g. industrial AC Drives).

CooliBlade (Thermal Channel Technologies) is a VTT spin-off company that got its beginnings in the VTT LaunchPad deep-tech incubator program. Business Finland’s Research to Business (R2B) funding enabled developing the commercial aspects of the NEOcore technology further, with special emphasis to the commercialization routes and IPR protection. Duting the R2B project, the current CEO Janne Suhonen joined the originators of the technology, Kimmo Jokelainen and Vesa Pentikäinen to form the management team of CooliBlade. 

Our cutting-edge NEOcore technology is designed for optimal thermal conductivity and integrability. The integrated thermal channel enables optimal transfer of heat from the component to until to the ambient air. We have designed new advanced phase change technology and the structure which creates the “Highway for Heat” even for the most demanding power electronics applications.

CooliBlade has chosen six segments and use cases for the NEOcore technology: industrial IGBT, 5G telecommunications, COB LED lighting, energy, e-mobility, and special electronics. There is a favorable market transition on-going in all of these selected segments. We have seen this as an opportunity, that can’t be left utilized. 

How CooliBlade Has Evolved

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the preferred thermal management partner in the power electronics industry. This happens by close collaboration with the market leading companies, offering them design-freedom and and allowing them squeeze more power out from their devices.