CooliBlade COMET is a powerful and compact cooling element even for the most demanding high-power electronic products. They are designed mainly for natural convection applications. Compact size combined with a cost-efficient structure make COMET a compelling solution for all high-power electronics. The modular structure and optimized metal-air interface enable COMET to be a lightweight and the most powerful heat sink element on the market. The COMET series has an outstanding heat flux in passive cooling solutions. Additionally, superior heat conductivity enables instant and even thermal dissipation in the whole structure.

The benefits of the COMET Series:

  • Efficient – Extreme heat conductivity and heat flux
  • Light-weighted – 50% reduction in weight compared to aluminum heat sinks
  • Easy-to-integrate – Gives more design freedom to apply advanced high-power electronics cooling solutions.
  • Cost-efficient – Mass producible modular technology enables competitive pricing

COMET series is available in three variations:


COMET Matrix

COMET Cool-it-Yourself

COMET Solo is a single cooling element that can be attached to your electronic component. 

COMET Matrix is a series of cooling components that come attached to a base plate. Matrix comes in variety of sizes and you can order the formation of cooling elements that suits your component best.

COMET Cool-it-Yourself allow you to design the optimal form of cooling for your component.

The easiest way to get started is to order a reference design or an evaluation kit to get hands-on practical experience of our NEOcore technology and the COMET product line. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice of a consultation if you are interested in the COMET series of products.

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