CooliBlade Development Services

To start a cooling solution development, contact our sales or technical team. We will help you to familiarize with our NEOcore technology opportunities. Simultaneously, you’ll understand how our technology will benefit your own application. Our development services cover a wide variety of applications: from board level cooling elements to device housing level solutions.

Our development concept is transparent and adaptable to your development stage-gate milestones. Particularly in power electronics, thermal management is an integrated part of mechanical engineering work in the product development. It also plays a crucial role in the performance of the final product. The optimization of thermal management solutions will improve product performance, reduce product size, and extend the lifespan of products.

Development service process

We will start the development process from your specifications and give a free evaluation of the feasibility of CooliBlade Thermal Channel technology for your case. After the evaluation, we create concept(s) of the cooling solution and work with your engineering team to build an optimized solution that meets your specifications. If necessary, we also offer thermal simulations as a part of the project.

When you are satisfied with the cooling solution concept, we will make the first prototypes to be delivered to you for testing. Based on the testing results, it is possible to iterate new versions or launch production immediately.

Service Process Steps

  1. Quick feasibility check
  2. Concept design
  3. Simulation (FEM models)
  4. Proto units/series
  5. Testing and evaluation
  6. Transfer to production