NEOcore Energy Applications

The energy industry is evolving quickly through generalization of renewable energy. Renewable energy is produced in a variety of places by various actors and this causes fragmentation of energy. Supplying energy to power grids requires inverters that can handle high power. High levels of heat produced by inverters creates a demand for efficient cooling solutions.

NEOcore – a new way to cool energy electronics

New NEOcore technology of CooliBlade offers an innovative way to cool inverters. Products using NEOcore technology offer ten times more efficient cooling than current heat pipes on the market: providing superior heat dissipation. This facilitates cost-efficient manufacturing of your product with longer lasting components inside the product.

At CooliBlade, we are an innovative and solution-driven team that helps you to design your products with maximal efficiency. We can also mass-tailor the CooliBlade cooling solutions to fit your existing products seamlessly.

The solutions utilizing CooliBlade NEOcore technology make cooling of inverters simpler and more cost-efficient. NEOcore technology enable extremely efficient heat dissipation in devices: offering up to 4 times longer lifespan to the high-power electronics products. CooliBlade products are also up to 65 % lighter than the traditional heat sinks and heat pipes: providing more freedom of design for our customers.

Higher performance

Extreme performance in power production which boosts energy efficiency

Extended lifetime

Up to 400 % longer lifetime due to lower thermal stress


NEOcore technology allows significant cost savings with great performance