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CooliBlade is the full-service house for advanced thermal management solutions in high power electronics. Utilizing our unique NEOcore technology, we offer design services and OEM cooling elements for the most demanding high power electronics. Thanks to our modular product structure, you can choose whether you like to develop your own cooling solutions from the standard OEM cooling modules of CooliBlade or let us develop an even more customized solution in collaboration with our customers.

Our Thermal Channel technology platform is designed to be supremely flexible and scalable. Our technology structure assists you in launching quickly from prototypes and initial small batches to mass production.

Development of a customized heat sink prototype with CooliBlade is the optimal way to begin designing a customized cooling solution. With a customized cooling solution, you can optimize the performance of your product even in the most challenging environments. Additionally, CooliBlade offers ready-made cool-it-yourself evaluation kits that allow you to test the NEOcore technology first.

Once the NEOcore technology has been evaluated, we can offer OEM solutions in medium and large volumes for our industrial customers with cost-effective pricing.

Our first NEOcore based Product family, COMET, will be launched early February. If you want a sneak peek, leave your contact details and we will get back to you.

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