CooliBlade Applications

Electrification is a global phenomenon. The problem with current high power electronics: Over 50 % of failures in electronic devices are caused by temperature.

The current electronic packaging trend has resulted in increased power and performance and a reduction in sizes of products. Increased power density in products neccesitates effective thermal management for good performance and reliability. CooliBlade is bolstering the already vast application opportunities for power electronics developers in the fastest growing domains.

CooliBlade’s NEOcore technology can be tailored to many applications and markets. CooliBlade helps you to design better and more cost-efficient thermal management for your products.

CooliBlade NEOcore facilitates the design of sustainable high power electronics devices. Cooling solutions using NEOcore need 65 % less raw materials and therefore are up to 65 % lighter than other heat sinks. Heat kills electronics, and the superior cooling performance of NEOcore enables 4 times longer lifespan. Additionally, NEOcore products are 100 % recyclable.