CooliBlade is the full-service house for advanced thermal management solutions in high-power electronics. Utilizing our unique NEOcore technology, we offer design services and OEM cooling elements for the most demanding high-power electronics. 

Thanks to the modular product structure of NEOcore, you can choose whether you want to develop your own cooling solutions from the standard OEM cooling modules or let us develop an even more customized solution in collaboration.

The NEOcore is constantly refined to develop even better solutions for different applications.

LED Lighting

Modern LED luminaires are driven by optical efficiency, power consumption, and lifespan of the LED chips. As the demands for LED cooling are increasing, we’ll keep you one step ahead.

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5G makes telecommunication connections even faster. Make your antennas lighter and base stations smaller and lighter. The masts will thank you.

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EV Charging

The battery sizes of electric vehicles are growing and charging times are shortening. Develop the next high power charging solution with a cost-efficient and reliable cooling solution.

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Process optimization and energy saving are the hot potatos in all industry sectors. Whatever your industry is, we enable you higher power levels even in high ambient temperatures. 

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The energy industry is evolving quickly through generalization of renewable energy, and the renewable energy is usually produced outdoors. There is no heat wave or blizzard too difficult for our solutions to use in.

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Read how the NEOcore technology helps you in designing better thermal management for your application.

NEOcore Technology

Take a look into our products for variety of applications from components and PCBs to modules and devices.

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