LED Lighting Applications

LED lighting is a rapidly growing and developing market. There are many LED applications, from indoor to outdoor lighting, from consumer and retail lighting to horticultural, industrial, and stadium lighting. Most of these applications are driven by optical efficiency, power consumption, and lifespan of the LED chips. To maximize the reliability and efficiency of LED products, thermal management is essential.

COMET series is designed for the demanding lighting applications

CooliBlade COMET series is an ideal thermal management solution for various high-power LED lighting applications. COMET is the first integrated thermal channel. It is based on a phase-change phenomenon and has optimized thermal interfaces from the heat source to the air interface to maximize performance for even the most demanding thermal management applications. The high-performance, lightweight structure combined with modular structure offers a new and easy way for LED luminaire designers to optimize their next-generation luminaire products. The COMET product may help luminaire designers create innovative, cutting-edge solutions ranging from compact track spots to harsh industrial lighting. COMET is based on CooliBlade’s own NEOcore technology, which enables more efficient heat management by utilizing the entire aluminum structure for heat evaporation.

COMET series enables the quick start to design and test the own heat sink element for the LED luminaires without any remarkable investments, like tooling or molding cost. COMET evaluation kit can be used in prototype development, and the prototype can be tested in a few days to verify all the critical performance parameters.

The benefits for LED luminaire designers

COMET series combines high cooling performance and easiness of design. The prototyping process is swift and smooth by using our Cool-It-Yourself evaluation kits. Our experts can also help in the feasibility studies and estimation of the performance of LED luminaires. Transferring prototypes instantly to scalable production is also easy due to COMET’s modular structure.

COMET products’ main benefits in the LED lighting application are extreme heat dissipation from LED chips, compact, light-weighted structure, and cost-efficiency. Please let us know more about your cooling needs, and we can help you to bring thermal management solutions in LED luminaires to the next level.

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Modular and scalable COMET series is the enabler of next-generation LED lighting applications.

COMET Product Series

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