NEOcore Lighting Applications

LED lighting is a rapidly emerging market. Chip on board (COB) LED lights and metal core PCB based luminaire structures are one of the big drivers in the growing market. COB technology allows for more light sources in the same surface areas than the standard LED, and therefore provides a much higher packing density of LED array. The New COB LEDs have 10 times higher power density than the standard SMD LEDs.

The power density of COB LEDs sets new challenges for thermal management. Excessively high temperatures will kill LEDs quickly; the maximum power of LEDs can’t be used without having an effective cooling unit.

A large-scale example of LED light usage is for sport and stadium lights. For instance, UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide defines that Elite A Level Stadiums must have at least 2 000 lux of light on average to be acceptable. This creates new criteria for the stadium lighting:  uniformity of illuminance, low flicker, long lifespan, and light weight.

A regular heatsink can be coupled with COB LEDs in stadiums and other demanding environments, but not without losing either power, lifespan, or lightness from the LEDs. CooliBlade has developed a solution to the problems caused by the new type of efficient LED lighting.

NEOcore – a new way to cool COB LED lighting

New NEOcore technology of CooliBlade offers an innovative way to cool COB LED lighting. Products using NEOcore technology offer ten times more efficient cooling than current heat pipes on the market: providing superior heat dissipation. The result for you is a cost-efficient manufacturing of your product with longer lasting components inside the product.

At CooliBlade, we are an innovative and solution-driven team that helps you to design your products with maximum efficiency. We can also mass-tailor the CooliBlade cooling solutions to fit your existing products seamlessly.

The solutions utilizing CooliBlade NEOcore technology make cooling of LEDs simpler and more cost-efficient. NEOcore technology enable extremely efficient heat dissipation in devices: offering up to 4 times longer lifespan to the commercial COB LED products. The NEOcore technology of CooliBlade enables over three times better performance with only 30 % of the weight of the standard commercial stadium LED light. This results in high performance lights with reduced weight, excellent optical properties, extreme efficiency, and ultra-low flicker. When you can generate more power out of single LED light, the lighting solution becomes also more cost-efficient.

Less weight

Approximately 70 % weight reduction in stadium lights

More power in smaller package

Over three times more lumens/kilogram than in regular commercial stadium light

Extended lifetime

Up to 400 % longer lifespan for COB LED lights

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