CooliBlade secures a million-euro funding

A VTT spin-off company Thermal Channel Technology Oy has secured a one-million-euro investment round for commercialization of CooliBlade business line that is based on NEOcore technology. 

Electrification is a global phenomenon. The problem with current high power electronics: over 50 % of failures in electronic devices are caused by temperature.

The current electronic packaging trend has resulted in increased power and performance and a reduction in product size. Increased power density in products necessitates effective thermal management for good performance and reliability. 

In thermal management of power electronics, the traditional approach has utilized aluminum-based heat sinks, heat pipes, or liquid cooling. These traditional solutions pose many challenges. Traditional heat sinks are heavy and bulky, and heat pipes are expensive and difficult to manufacture. Despite being efficient, liquid cooling systems are complicated and expensive: requiring constant maintenance. 

NEOcore technology packs 10 times better performance in a light weight and cost-efficient structure.

CooliBlade has developed a next generation thermal management technology NEOcore that offers exceptional thermal conductivity performance in a light weight package. NEOcore’s thermal conductivity can reach 200’000 W/mK which is approximately 1 000 times better than in aluminum. 

CooliBlade’s NEOcore thermal channels are based on the two-phase cooling principle. CooliBlade thermal channels offer 2-3 times better thermal conductivity than the traditional heat pipes. CooliBlade systems are wickless which means that the cooling performance is instant and extremely efficient. NEOcore thermal channel modules can be mass-produced which enables us to offer cost-efficient performance for the most demanding high power applications.

Huge application opportunities

Within this ten billion dollar market, there are several application areas driving the growth of electrification: Industrial cooling, 5G telecommunications, LED luminaire, EV charging stations, E-mobility.

Investors and shareholders include VTT, Cor Group, Mectalent and private investors.

More information:
Vesa Pentikäinen
+358 40 353 6580