CooliBlade Evaluation Kits

If you want  to get hands-on practical experience of our NEOcore technology, you can begin with our evaluation kits. Our Cool-It-Yourself kits are designed for multi-purpose use and allow you to do independent testing.
An evaluation kit includes 6 or 12 COMET thermal modules and a base plate that can be attached to electronic components. The thermal load can be varied by the amount of COMET units. COMET Evaluationt Kit enables to build an own cooling solution from 30 to 480 watts of thermal power. In case of an even thermal load in electronics, it is possible to remove several hundred watts of thermal load with 10 COMET units.
After evaluating your application with our Evaluation Kit, it is recommended to analyse the results together with us. Then, you can decide whether to continue with our standard OEM units or to design a customized cooling solution for maximal cooling performance.
Don’t hesitate to ask for advice of a consultation if you are interested in the COMET series of products. 
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Evaluation Kit shipments start in March 2022.
Leave us a message if you are interested!