CooliBlade invests in the German market – Yrjö Kemppi starts as Regional Sales Manager.

CooliBlade expands business development and sales organization in the DACH region. Yrjö Kemppi joins in CooliBlade sales team as a Sales Manager in Germany. Yrjö has made a successful 22-year career at Nokia as a sales director and head of global accounts. In addition, he has had a key sales and business development role at Novero. Yrjö has already lived for 30 years in Germany and has helped many other Finnish companies make successful market entries to Germany.

The German market is one of the selected target markets for CooliBlade. Germany offers many exciting business opportunities in the key applications for CooliBlade’s advanced thermal management solutions. CooliBlade started collaborating with Yrjö in March, and the market analysis project showed great potential for CooliBlade’s NEOcore technology. The market, especially EV charging stations and renewable energy applications, is growing rapidly, and the need for better cooling solutions has been seen crucial, particularly in these applications. Based on the market study, CooliBlade decided to strengthen its sales team and local presence in German-speaking countries.

“In my earlier roles in bringing high-tech products to the German market, I have learned what it takes to build new businesses in highly competitive and tech-savvy markets. The task is challenging if your solution is not bringing a clear competitive advance to your customer. I am excited about the CooliBlade NEOcore technology and offering. I’m convinced it will be a true game changer in the power electronics cooling applications.”, Yrjö Kemppi comments.

Yrjö has already attended several trade shows in Germany as a part of the CooliBlade team. CooliBlade had a lot of productive discussions with leading-edge German companies at PCIM Europe (Nuremberg) and Light+Building (Frankfurt) trade shows. The feedback from the trade shows has been very encouraging and led CooliBlade to invest in local sales support to build long-term relationships with cutting-edge German customers. Yrjö’s experience with big corporates and SME/Start-up company business relationships combined with a deep understanding of German markets will be helpful in the development of relationships with German customers.

“Germany is by far the largest European market for power electronics products and applications. Energy transformation towards using renewable energy and e-mobility, as well as the requirement for energy saving in general, have created high demand for innovative, new solutions that help the industry to go that route. Discussions with potential customers have proved that CooliBlade products and technology are solving customers’ problems in this energy transformation challenge. Germany offers high business opportunities for CooliBlade in coming months and years.”, Yrjö says.

”It is a pleasure to be able to welcome an experienced business development and sales person to our sales team. We want to improve our customer experience for our German customers and make it easy to do business with us. Yrjö’s technical expertise, lengthy business development background, and fluent German language will help our German customers get local support for their development projects and become familiar with our offering and solutions.”, CCO Janne Suhonen comments.

CooliBlade has high expectations about customer projects in the DACH area next year. We are ready to demonstrate the capability of the NEOcore technology in pilot projects with the cutting-edge players in the power electronics market. Please don’t hesitate to contact Yrjö and us if you need next-generation thermal management solutions for demanding high-power applications.

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