CooliBlade’s board appointed Janne Suhonen as the company’s new CEO on Jan 1st, 2023.

CooliBlade closed its seed funding round a few weeks ago. Simultaneously, a reform of the executive team was decided. Janne Suhonen was be appointed as Chief Executive Officer beginning the first of January. Vesa Pentikäinen continues in the executive team as the Chief Operating Officer. Both Janne and Vesa are founders of the company.

CooliBlade is aiming for a significant growth leap supported by new funding. The company developed innovative cooling solutions for multiple application areas during its first operational year. Operations of CooliBlade will be expanded as a part of the company’s business plan.  During the closing of the funding round, there were discussions between the board, investors, and founders that resulted in changing the roles of the executive team to support the needs of the next growth phase.

“I’m excited to continue CooliBlade’s growth story. We believe that we will get the best out of the capabilities and experience of the founding team with these changes. Our focus is on continuing to develop new cooling solutions on top of the NEOcore technology and continue to scale up production. Another big focus is on building an international sales network. We have already begun this, for instance, in Germany, Japan, and Korea”, Janne Suhonen comments.

CooliBlade is in the process of transforming from a developer to a manufacturer of thermal management solutions. This work started earlier this year as CooliBlade invested in a new semi-automatic production line that can produce hundreds of thousands of COMET modules yearly. The following steps in the company’s trajectory are developing CooliBlade’s quality system and subcontracting network and integrating new product families into the mass production line.

“As CooliBlade transforms from a product development phase to a product manufacturer, we have developed the company’s processes to a needed standard. We want to build long-lasting cooperation models with our manufacturing and subcontracting partners to support our manufacturing capability. My diverse manufacturing and product development background give me good fundaments for the job. My responsibilities will be multifaceted, including many of the essential functions for the company’s development, including the building of resource planning and quality systems.”, Vesa Pentikäinen says.

CooliBlade will also invest in broadening its international sales team as it strengthens its manufacturing capabilities. “We are happy that we could ensure going to market with our new products and scaling our operations with our customers.”, Janne Suhonen comments.

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